Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

House of Fun Fan site faqs

FAQs About Our Fan Site

What is your House of Fun Fan Site for?

Number one and main objective of our House of Fun fan site is to provide users with knowledge and information about HOF Slot Freebies. HOF Freebies include, HOF Free Coin links and HOF Free Spin links. But scope of our site is broader than this. And we also share our experience about the game. The things we learn about it over the time. And many tips and tricks that can help you. Please note that our site only shares information and knowledge about the game and nothing else.

Are you affiliated with House of Fun Game or Playtika Limited?

No, we are NOT affiliated, linked or related to Playtika Limited or any of their games in any way. And we just share our knowledge and information about their game as a fan site.

Where do you get these HOF Free Coins & Spin links and information about them?

We always try to make the answer of this question as clear as possible in almost every post of ours. We’re not the maker or owners of these links. Our team just collect them from various social media sources of the game developer itself. And then we just share them with game players for their ease.

Do the shared links and information about freebies expire?

Yes. Just like every other piece of information, info that we provide about HOF coins and spins do expire. So try to claim as early as possible.

When do the links for coins expire?

Answer to this question can’t be very accurate. But according to the best of our knowledge, links for HOF Coins usually expire when more than 24 hours have passed. So you should only try claiming the links shared on the same date or one day before.

For example, if today is 2nd January, then you should try claiming the links shared on 2nd January and 1st January.

What’s the expiry of spin links?

Spin links of HOF expire very quickly. So, they are very hard to catch. We have observed that they last for a maximum of 1 hour or when 100 people claim them.

So for instance, if you see a spins link with 100 or more views or if it was posted one or more hours before, then it is most likely outdated.

Can I use one coins or spin link multiple times?

No, you cannot use a single coin or spins link more than one time. Each of the freebie link can be used once by an account.

None of the coin and spin links work, What do I do?

If you are having trouble claiming any of the shared links information by us. Then you should first make sure that you are following the instructions and doing everything stated properly.

And if you are unable to get anything new from anywhere. Or if you receive messages like, “Gift Expire” or “You have reached the limit for today”, Then please be patient and wait for more HOF coin and spins freebie links to appear. Because you have already claimed all of them or the links are expired.

FAQs About House of Fun Game

Please note that the following answers about House of Fun are based on our knowledge about the game. And we don’t intend to represent or advocate Playtika or House of Fun game in any way. The only purpose of answering these questions is sharing the demanded information with users. Because sharing is caring! 🙂

What is House of Fun Game App (HOF Slots App)?

“House of Fun Slots” is a freemium game developed and managed by Playtika Ltd. It is famous among many slot game lovers because of its real-like experience and other exciting features.

Is House of Fun game real or does it hold any real value?

No HOF Slots game is just for entertainment purposes. And it cannot reward you anything real. And it means that you CAN’T earn any real money or real world goods or services.

Is House of Fun game secure and safe to play?

Yes, absolutely. House of Fun is totally secure to play. Because it’s a product of well-reputed game developing company. And it’s published on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. And it currently has 4 and above stars rating with more than 50 Million players worldwide.

Is House of Fun app free?

Yes, it is free to install and play. And it’s not mandatory for users to pay for playing. But users can choose to purchases coins, spins and other features if they want to enhance their game and get more features in the game. As mentioned earlier, please keep in mind that it will not provide any real-world benefits.

How to play House of Fun game and do you need a guide to get started?

You can start playing House of Fun right away and easily. Because it is available on many major mobile and tablet platforms (Android & iOS) as well as on Facebook. And you don’t need to study any difficult rules or guides to start playing it. Because this game offers many in-game tutorial to instruct you as you play.

What are the sources of House of Fun Coins and How to get them?

There are mainly two sources of House of Fun coins. Either they can be purchased from the coin store in the game or they can be claimed with the free gift links available online. (Also shared on our site for user’s ease)


If you have more queries about the House of Fun Slots game, feel free to contact us for more answers and more information.